Top 5 Skin Issues Women Have to Deal with and Their Solutions

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Whether you’re covering up pigmented skin with multiple skin remedies or planning to get a derma treatment to camouflage old scars, take heart. 

Even though the skin is the one body part that each of us must expose, almost all of us have anxieties about it because of the way it feels or looks, how it ages, or how precisely we are supposed to take care of it.

Here are our top picks for the 5 skin issues that affect women the most frequently, along with their ideal skin treatments.

Lazy Looking Skin 

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Your skin can clearly tell if you are a lazy couch potato. When you skip exfoliation, your facial skin may appear dirty, gritty, or clogged. Whatever topicals and makeup we use won’t cover up enlarged pores and blackheads. The around-the-nose and mouth panels are where these are most obvious. Pores stretch and clog with dead cells and oil as collagen levels drop and the skin sags. 


Use a very mild scrub cleanser once a week to opt for “light exfoliation.” Use gentle, small, circular motions to apply the scrub you use. Use lukewarm, not hot, water to rinse after about 30 seconds of this. If you have open wounds or cuts or if your skin is sunburned.

Manual exfoliation like hyaluronic acid is simpler to manage than a chemical exfoliant. 

Unexpected breakouts

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The day women pass figure 30, even if they have no history of blemishes or acne, they still may develop unstable skin. Due to erratic hormones, stress, and unhealthily excessive sugar consumption, blemishes have become a pet peeve. Anxiety ruins your skin. Cortisol levels rise as a result, which can worsen inflammation, increase oil production, and increase the desire to consume highly processed sugary foods, all of which encourage flare-ups. 


A retinol-based cream applied at night helps treat blemishes while also boosting collagen production to tighten loose skin and reduce wrinkles.

Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

Our skin produces less melanin as we get older. It develops gradually, but it might be the cause of pigmentation and newly visible dark spots.

Our cells can get overwhelmed in an effort to shield us from excessive sun exposure. Since they are older and slower, it is crucial to protect your skin from UV rays.

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Sunscreen with SPF is a must! Used regularly, sunscreen helps to protect your skin from premature aging, skin tan, uneven tone, and pigmentation. 

Puffy Panda Eyes 

The bags and circles under your eyes can make you appear sleep deprived regardless of how much sleep you get. The reddish-blue spider web-like blood vessels under your eyes can become visible due to aging, allergies, and stress. As you age, your skin thins and loses collagen and fat, which causes these symptoms.


First, check with your doctor to see if allergies could be the cause of the issue. If not, apply a cool compress to treat them. 

Additionally, creams with caffeine or cortisone may short-term shrink the blood vessels and hide them. Consult your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon if you are a candidate for surgery or injectable fillers.


30s dry skin

When your skin undergoes hormonal changes, it necessitates a new skincare routine and skin treatments. It starts to feel dry and flaky. Use products that are more hydrating and contain fewer chemicals.

If you’re concerned about wrinkles, you shouldn’t ignore dry skin. Your skin’s tendency to wrinkle up is inversely correlated with how dry, and tight it is.


Your skin will begin to lose and slow down its natural production of hyaluronic acid, which keeps it hydrated and plump, in your 30s as well. It will require constant moisturizing because it is less adept at doing so on its own. Additionally, skin becomes more sensitive as it becomes drier.

The simplest and most effective way to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy is with water. Drink at least 7 ounces of water a day. Additionally, you ought to moisturize twice daily and use hyaluronic acid-containing products to help retain moisture.

3 Easy-to-do Skin Remedies

  • Include double cleansing in your skincare. You need to wash your face twice, not just once. More than one cleansing is simply required whether you wear a lot of makeup. Ensure that all of the dust, dirt and pollution accumulated on your skin’s surface are properly removed, along with makeup.
  • Always layer your products in the correct order. For instance, if you use an eye cream after using a moisturizer, the active ingredients in the cream won’t be able to fully penetrate your skin because the moisturizer contains occlusive ingredients that form a barrier on your skin. The sequence experts believe is the most efficient one; Cleanser, toner, spot treatment, eye cream, moisturizing oil, and SPF.
  • Reduce stress as much as you can. Uncontrolled stress can increase your skin’s sensitivity, lead to acne outbreaks, and cause other skin issues. Take steps to manage your stress to promote healthy skin and a healthy state of mind. 

Be Gentle with Your Skin.

Limit your bathing time. Hot water and long showers or baths depict your skin’s natural oils. Use warm water in place of hot water.  

Don’t use harsh soaps. They can remove oil from your skin. Choose gentle cleaners instead.   

Avoid unapproved at-home skincare remedies.

Apply shaving cream, lotion, or gel to your skin before shaving to lubricate and protect it. 

Use a towel to gently pat or blot your skin dry after bathing or washing it so that some moisture is left on your skin. Don’t rub. 


If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you probably have your routine down to a science and have settled into a routine that works well for your skin. However, skin occasionally presents new problems that you weren’t even aware you had.

They can be annoying, but you can deal with each issue that comes your way by following the above-mentioned suggestions. Moreover, stay in touch with your dermatologist as well. They would provide you with skin-specific treatments and routines. 

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